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We regularly advise on data collection, storage and usage, data localization requirements, and on the transfer and storage of data overseas. We assist companies in connection with their sharing of anonymized data and regarding health-related advertising. We conduct dual-language, in-house training on the interaction of Vietnamese law and implementation of a global GDPR-compliance system. We advise on breaches of personal data. We assist clients on the use and installation of cookies and other digital tracking devices.






Philip Ziter

Senior Associate
HCMC Office

Le Ton Viet

Hanoi Office


Representative Clients


Significant Cases




Advised Oracle on data localization implications and application to hosting services.

Reviewed UPS Digital Access Program to assure compliance with Vietnamese law.

Advised the Trade Desk on sharing anonymized data and health-related advertising data.

Conducted a privacy audit of Pharmacity to evaluate and optimize its data handling practices in anticipation of Vietnam’s data protection regulations.

Advised several [unnamed] clients on the use of health-related and personal data in creating a mobile application.

Prepared AmCham position paper to advocate for positions regarding data protection of patients/customers under the Vietnam Pharma Portal.

Conducted training sessions for Heineken on the implementation of its GDPR-compliance system.

Advised AB InBev on data privacy protection.

Advised Western Union on data localization, data collection and usage.

Advised AIA Group on data protection issues.

Advised an [unnamed] client on the transfer of employees’ data in the context of a joint venture.

Advised [unnamed] multinational on the use/installation of cookies and other digital tracking devices on the mechanisms of its clients.

Advised SAP on the impact of local regulations on the ability to store, access or transfer data across borders, with a focus on the implementation of SAP’s products in Vietnam, as well as Vietnamese customers using SAP’s products in other locations.

Conducted a deep granular analysis for an [unnamed] client on the distinction between corporate-owned data and personal data and alternative forms of consent required to conduct an investigation.

Advised an [unnamed] Indonesia-based company on handling breaches of personal data in Vietnam.

Advised an [unnamed] Vietnamese company on handling suspected breaches of the personal data of its Vietnamese and international clients.

Advised [unnamed] multinational Japanese elevator company on personal data protection, collection/usage of personal data and machine data. transfer and storage of data outside of Vietnam.

Advised Onfido [global Fintech company] on data localization, data collection and usage.

Advised Cognizant on data collection services.

Advised CyberScout on data collection and storage.


Nguyen Huu Minh Nhut

HCMC Office

Mai Thi Minh Hang

Hanoi Office

Lu Lam Uyen

HCMC Office

Huynh Cong Tam

HCMC Office

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