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Loyola University, Chicago

Established a US study-abroad program in Vietnam for its US students, and worked on ongoing legal issues regarding the support necessary in Vietnam to achieve its study abroad objective; assisted in work permits for foreign employees.

[Unnamed Client]

Conducted a comprehensive due diligence review of ISHCMC, a leading American-curriculum international school with different campuses located in Vietnam, for a proposed multi-jurisdictional acquisition of a controlling interest in a chain of international schools; advised the client on actions required to address school licenses, facilities, and ownership structures, and assisted the parties to restructure the ownership arrangement and prepared all related agreements.


Conducted a limited-scope due diligence review of the foreign holding structure of an international school in Ho Chi Minh City. We assisted VinaCapital to review the transaction documents and prepare closing documents for VinaCapital’s share acquisition coupled with its preferred equity investment in the school’s offshore holding entity.

Blackhorse Asset Management

Advised on the acquisition of Vietnamese-American Vocational Training College (VATC), a chain of English language schools, which then became the international affiliate of Broward College.

[Unnamed American University]

Assisted in all aspects of projected joint degree programs between the client and two Vietnamese universities, Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Prepared agreements, worked on submissions, etc. The program would grant foreign (US) degrees and have a foreign and domestic faculty. The client postponed its decision to go forward.

Bangkok University

Assisted to establish an educational representative office and worked on related matters.

Sannam S4

Provided advice on creating study-hub services in Vietnam for interested foreign universities (a study hub is a type of facility located in Vietnam which engages with multiple foreign universities abroad to provide a venue in Vietnam for students to study by video link up). Foreign universities are free to hire the hub facilities in Vietnam to teach via video; assisted in the review of the contracts and agreements with parties in Vietnam.

Acted for North London Collegiate School International, to start a series of schools in Vietnam. Advised on structure. Assisted with an agreement with a Vietnamese partner; the project has been put on hold.

Worked with an international law firm on behalf of Reigate Grammar School International from the UK To license the curriculum to a school in Vietnam and to manage the school. Subsequent to the execution of agreements, parties put the project on hold.

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    Russin & Vecchi has a unique history in Vietnam. It had an office in Saigon from 1967 to 1975 and had a large commercial practice at that time. It returned to Vietnam, and in 1993 it was licensed as one of the first few foreign law firms permitted to practice in Vietnam, and it opened its current offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

    Clients include large multinationals with long experience in Vietnam. They include both Vietnamese and foreign owned firms. Some of our clients are introduced by international law firms, some are introduced by existing clients, and many learn of us by simple word of mouth or based on our experience or reputation in the market.

    There are several independent offices of Russin & Vecchi. They are in New York, USA; Taipei, Taiwan; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Bangkok, Thailand; Moscow, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. There is no shared governance.

    Heineken was the firm’s first client in 1993 and Russin & Vecchi worked with Heineken and the government with much good will involved all around, as the Government had little experience in such an investment, and all parties wanted to cooperate. The parties eventually agreed on a process that was acceptable to both Heineken and the Government. The brewery was one of Vietnam’s first foreign invested high-profile projects.

    There was an odd series of successful claims made by former Vietnamese contractors against the US Government for contractual work they did in Vietnam on US projects constructed during the war.