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Labor and employment lawyers are specialized legal experts in employment law, each serving distinct yet interconnected roles. 

These professionals offer critical guidance and support to employers and employees, helping them understand and navigate the intricate regulations governing labor relations and employment practices.

A labor or employment lawyer can:

  • Ensure compliance with labor laws and legal codes.
  • Review and draft contracts, including employment agreements.
  • Provide guidance on labor-related regulations, such as internal policies and social insurance.
  • Advise on taxation matters related to employment.
  • Assist in workplace safety compliance.
  • Help with employee discipline and termination.
  • Represent clients in labor dispute resolution.
  • Offer guidance on work permits for foreign workers.

At Russin & Vecchi, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of labor laws and procedures, making us invaluable resources for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of employment law. 

Our team, seasoned in various practice areas, including labor and employment law, is well-equipped to advise on diverse matters such as securing work permits for foreign workers, resolving labor disputes, and drafting employment contracts.

The Crucial Role of Labor and Employment Lawyers

Russin & Vecchi lawyers can provide valuable assistance and guidance to both employers and employees in various situations. 

Here’s when you may need a labor lawyer:

For Employers

Employers need labor lawyers or employment attorneys even before their operations commence or they hire employees. Compliance with labor laws and other relevant laws applicable to their industry is essential, and legal professionals can provide valuable assistance. 

Our labor lawyers review and draft contracts and agreements, including employment contracts, amendments, and waivers. Additionally, our employment lawyers offer guidance on various aspects of labor laws, such as internal regulations, social insurance, taxation, workplace safety, and employee discipline or termination. 

Employers may also require the services of an employment lawyer in any disputes with employees, which may include:

  • Representation in collective bargaining negotiations with a trade union pursuant to labor law.
  • Defending against employee complaints involving discrimination or harassment.
  • Navigating the numerous procedures and steps required under labor law for unilateral termination or dismissal of an employee.
  • Violation of non-competition or non-disclosure agreements by the employee.
  • Disputes arising concerning wages or social insurance.

For Employees

At Russin & Vecchi, we understand that workplace issues can arise, and that’s where labor lawyers or employment attorneys come in to advocate for your rights. By contacting a labor attorney without delay, you can ensure the collection and preservation of crucial evidence to support your case against your employer.

Some of the circumstances where an individual employee should contact a labor lawyer include:

  • Getting injured at work and require help securing rightful compensation.
  • Encounter discrimination or harassment due to factors like pregnancy or nationality and seek to uphold your rights.
  • Face retaliation from your employer for asserting your rights under labor laws, such as union involvement or requesting due leave, and wish to respond.
  • Are unfairly terminated or dismissed, violating your contract or labor laws, and need clarity on your rights and potential actions.
  • Feel pressured by your employer into agreements that strip away your protected rights, and require guidance to safeguard your interests.
  • Haven’t received the benefits and entitlements promised in your employment contract or as mandated by labor laws, and want to pursue what you deserve.
  • Experience unsafe work conditions that your employer ignores, and needs assistance advocating for a safer workplace.
  • Undergo significant changes in your employment contract that affect your job terms, location, or scope, and seek to ensure your rights are respected during these changes.

By seeking the support of a labor lawyer, you are taking a proactive step toward safeguarding your rights, seeking fair treatment, and achieving the justice you deserve in the workplace.

Why Russin & Vecchi Stands Apart 

Russin & Vecchi bring over six decades of outstanding legal service to the table, showing our deep commitment to delivering trusted and high-quality legal advice in Vietnam. 

Our deep experience advising on Vietnamese employment law distinguishes us.  Our seasoned attorneys, are adept at cutting through the complexities of local employment regulations to offer unparalleled legal guidance.

Integrity and ethics are at the heart of our practice, ensuring you receive transparent and straightforward advice.  We put our clients first, tailoring our legal strategies to meet your business needs. This approach simplifies navigating employment law, steering you towards successful outcomes. 

Choosing Russin & Vecchi means partnering with a firm that handles your legal concerns ethically and professionally.

Navigating Employment Laws with Expertise with Russin & Vecchi

Russin & Vecchi understand the complexities of employment law and its profound impact on businesses and individuals. Our team of dedicated employment law lawyers brings decades of experience and a track record of success in navigating labor laws, ensuring that your rights and interests are expertly represented.

Expertise Across All Facets of Employment Law

Our team comprises the best employment lawyers with extensive experience in a wide range of employment law matters, including but not limited to labor relations, employee rights, and workplace disputes. 

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving legal landscape, our skilled attorneys expertly navigate the complexities of employment law. We have a proven track record in negotiating collective bargaining agreements and representing employers and employees in arbitration cases.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Employees and Employers

Whether you’re an employee seeking justice for workplace grievances or an employer looking to navigate labor laws effectively, Russin & Vecchi can support you. 

For employees, we passionately defend your rights and pursue justice on your behalf. Our experienced attorneys tackle cases of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, and more, ensuring you receive the support and representation you deserve.

The landscape of labor laws can be complex for employers, but our team is here to simplify it for you. We offer comprehensive legal advice and representation to ensure compliance with legal standards and foster positive workplace dynamics.

With our expertise and dedication, Russin & Vecchi is committed to delivering personalized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Proactive and Preventive Legal Advice

At Russin & Vecchi, we offer our clients proactive and preventive legal advice. Our team of employment rights lawyers understands the importance of preventing legal issues before they arise. We work closely with our clients to develop robust employment agreements, policies, and practices that promote a harmonious and compliant workplace environment.

We tailor employment agreements to the specific needs of both employers and employees, covering everything from job duties and compensation to confidentiality and non-compete clauses. This detailed approach helps to conflicts and disputes down the line.

Beyond drafting agreements, we offer continuous legal support to ensure your operations comply with the latest employment laws. By regularly reviewing your employment practices and policies, we can pinpoint and address potential risks early on.

Our method is highly collaborative. We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and needs, enabling us to offer tailored solutions. This partnership approach ensures you’re well-equipped to manage any legal issues, maintaining a proactive stance towards workplace legal matters.

How We Can Help

Notable Employment matters

Undisclosed clients

Advised on numerous cases and assisted employers to deal with labor issues involving unilateral termination by employer due to restructuring, incompetence, and for other reasons.

Undisclosed client

Advised and assisted to settle ex-employees’ claims regarding termination pay.

Undisclosed client

Advised numerous major multinational companies in matters involving transfer of employees, foreign-employees, compensation and benefits, extension of employment term, labor discipline, ork permits and personal income tax.

Undisclosed clients

Assisted companies in relation to visas and work permits for foreign employees for permanent and temporary work.

Undisclosed client

Conducted a due diligence investigation to determine legal compliance of target company’s employment practices.

Undisclosed clients

Assisted employers located abroad to employ Vietnamese persons in Vietnam.

Undisclosed clients

Assisted (several) companies to negotiate termination of senior employees with different levels of employee cooperation.

Undisclosed client

Prepared a set of employment-related contracts including employment contract, probation contract, apprentice contract and human resource management documents such as offer letter,  employee information; prepare and register Internal Labor Regulations.

Undisclosed client

Reviewed internal labor regulations, and prepared policy to review employee work performance.

Undisclosed client

Advised how to second foreign employee to work in Vietnam, advantages and disadvantages of each option; assisted client to obtain visas and work permits for the foreign employee and his family.

Undisclosed client

Advised on overtime payment regulations for manufacturing client.

Undisclosed client

Provided training courses on employment law.

Undisclosed client

Prepared and filed Internal Labor Regulations, code of conduct, and other employment related policies, including performance management policy, salary and bonus policy.

Undisclosed client

Advised and helped implement a restructuring which broadly involved transfer of employees, foreign-employee issues, compensation and benefits, extension of employment term.

Undisclosed clients

Advised (several) companies in hiring foreigners to work in Vietnam, including comparison of paths between direct employment and internal secondment.

Undisclosed client

Advised in hiring Vietnamese workers to work in Japan and assisted to register Vietnamese workers’ employment contracts with labor authorities.

Undisclosed client

Advised on legal requirements regarding non-compete, non-disclosure, non-solicitation agreements and prepared templates for use.

Undisclosed client

Assisted company to revise employment contract to permit the employment of persons working for the company on several separate projects.

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    Russin & Vecchi specializes in comprehensive legal services within employment law, including but not limited to dispute resolution, navigating labor laws, and advice on labor relations. Our goal is to safeguard your interests at every turn.

    We champion the rights of employees facing injustices at work, from harassment to wrongful termination. Our expertise ensures that your case is handled with the utmost care and dedication, aiming for the best possible outcome.

    For employers, we provide strategic legal advice on compliance, draft thorough employment contracts, and offer representation in disputes and more. We help navigate labor regulations efficiently, fostering a positive work environment and minimizing legal risks.

    Labor lawyers focus on collective bargaining and union-related issues, while employment lawyers deal with individual employment rights. Our team encompasses experts in both fields, offering targeted support for a broad range of workplace issues.

    If you encounter workplace disputes, contract issues, discrimination, or doubts concerning employment law compliance, seeking legal counsel is crucial. An early consultation can often significantly impact the resolution of your issues.

    Absolutely, we excel in creating bespoke employment contracts that detail job roles, compensation, and legal protections. Our contracts are designed to clarify expectations and safeguard against future disputes.

    We assistemployer to create conflict-free workplaces through preemptive strategies like crafting compliant policies and robust employment agreements. Our approach helps to mitigate risks before they escalate into legal challenges.

    Our comprehensive process involves case assessment, evidence collection, and devising a resolution strategy tailored to your situation. Whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation, we pursue the most effective path to resolve your dispute.

    We offer specialized services for foreign worker matters, including navigating the complexities of work permits, advising on compliance with local employment laws, and assisting on visa applications, ensuring a smooth employment process.

    Our legal team actively tracks and analyzes changes in employment law to provide current and forward-thinking advice. Staying updated allows us to offer strategic guidance that aligns with the latest legal standards.