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Unnamed American chipmaker:

Involved from the outset in the intensive licensing process of client’s largest assembly and testing factory; we have continued to advise it and its Vietnamese subsidiaries on numerous ongoing issues.


Worked with the client to argue successfully against the imposition of a special excise tax on carbonated soft drinks.

Assisted the client on numerous corporate matters, and particularly on corporate restructuring, including its new factory in Long An and on construction matters.


Assisted to obtain a manufacturing license; helped Amway share its knowledge of the multi-level selling business with the government to help create the first regulatory framework.


Assisting the company in various labor and human resource matters.


Assisted the client in substantial corporate restructuring of its joint venture with Vietnam Airlines in order to provide cargo services.


Advised on establishing internet-based business, regulatory requirements, and general compliance matters.

Microsoft / Nokia:

Assisted in licensing and the ongoing operations of the Nokia Representative Office.


Formed Vietnamese entities and have assisted with numerous corporate, commercial issues.


Restructured existing Norwegian coatings manufacturing facilities and set up new facilities in Vietnam, including liquidation and consolidation of entities, and ongoing legal assistance in a wide range of operational matters, from product labeling to advertising, from novation of distributor agreements to intellectual property protection, and from licensing and land acquisition to engagement of construction contractors.


Advised on Vietnam legal investment, corporate, and business matters in relation to opening and operating retail stores to sell household and office furniture and branded appliances; conducted and provided legal complexity analysis on Vietnam’s distribution market.

Amphenol Technology:

Assisted the investor to establish manufacturing companies (one in Long An Province—in the South and another in Bac Ninh Province—in the North) to manufacture and assemble cable and electrical equipment. Advised and assisted the company in various matters (tax, C/O, import/export clearance, etc.) involving a post-clearance inspection conducted by local customers; continuing to assist the client in all related matters.

Marshall Amplification:

Assisted the investor to establish a manufacturing company in Dong Nai Province to manufacture guitar amplifier equipment and spare parts for guitar amplifiers; advised and assisted the company to complete the acquisition of assets of a foreign invested manufacturer.

Monster Energy:

Assisted to establish a subsidiary in Vietnam to conduct trading business (import and wholesale of Monster-branded products) and advise on ongoing corporate and business matters.

Dole Fruit:

Assisted to establish a subsidiary in Vietnam to import and distribute Dole-branded products.

Associated British Foods:

Assisted to establish a subsidiary in Vietnam, obtain wholesale and retail distribution rights in respect of feed ingredients, premix ingredients, and finished products used in the feedstuffs industry; advise on ongoing corporate and business matters over many years.

TNT Express:

Assisted to restructure its joint venture with a State-owned partner, including acquiring the State-owned partner’s interest in the joint venture.

Phu My Hung:

Assisted Phu My Hung in various corporate restructurings, formation of joint ventures and subsidiaries, acquisitions for ongoing corporate activities including the operation of commercial complexes, residential projects, and other facilities developed by Phu My Hung in Saigon South.

UOA Investments Pte Ltd:

Assisted the Malaysian-headquartered office developer to obtain licenses and set up subsidiaries in Vietnam for office development, prepared and negotiated long-term land lease.


Assisted with internal restructuring.

PTT Public Company Limited:

Restructured joint venture with Petro Vietnam Gas South.

Tata Motors:

Advised on the legal environment for investment, import, distribution, and agency as they related to Vietnam’s automobile industry.


Assisted the coffee processor/trader to establish the first foreign-operated bonded warehouse for coffee and creating a form of warrants accepted internationally.

Undisclosed Thai client:

Advised on the impact of Competition Law on Thai public offering involving its Vietnamese subsidiary.

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    Russin & Vecchi has a unique history in Vietnam. It had an office in Saigon from 1967 to 1975 and had a large commercial practice at that time. It returned to Vietnam, and in 1993 it was licensed as one of the first few foreign law firms permitted to practice in Vietnam, and it opened its current offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

    Clients include large multinationals with long experience in Vietnam. They include both Vietnamese and foreign owned firms. Some of our clients are introduced by international law firms, some are introduced by existing clients, and many learn of us by simple word of mouth or based on our experience or reputation in the market.

    There are several independent offices of Russin & Vecchi. They are in New York, USA; Taipei, Taiwan; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Bangkok, Thailand; Moscow, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. There is no shared governance.

    Heineken was the firm’s first client in 1993 and Russin & Vecchi worked with Heineken and the government with much good will involved all around, as the Government had little experience in such an investment, and all parties wanted to cooperate. The parties eventually agreed on a process that was acceptable to both Heineken and the Government. The brewery was one of Vietnam’s first foreign invested high-profile projects.

    There was an odd series of successful claims made by former Vietnamese contractors against the US Government for contractual work they did in Vietnam on US projects constructed during the war.