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Famous American chipmaker and others:

Worked successfully to have owners’ trademarks recognized as “well-known” in Vietnam.

Hyatt Corporation, Burger King, Jotun A/S, Amway Corporation, Wells Fargo, Tetra Pak, Qualcomm Incorporate, World Trade Center, Ashley Furniture, Burlington Industries, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and others:

Trademark registrations.

Opposition to applied marks and cancellation of registered marks that are confusingly similar to clients’ trademarks.

Successful enforcement of client’s trademark rights on infringers.

Worked with Customs regarding illegal importation of products that bear signs that infringe upon clients’ trademarks.

Registration of trademark licensing agreements, prepared non-disclosure agreements.

Copyright issues and registrations.

Technology transfer and licensing agreements; software development, distribution, and licensing agreements.

Tetra Pak, San Miguel, and others:

Patent and industrial design registrations.

Worked on investigation and organization of raids on patent and trademark infringers; advised on a complex and novel matter involving an infringed patent in respect to new substances/new methods.

Worked with Customs regarding illegal importation of products that infringe patents.

Undisclosed clients:

Assisted foreign copyright holders in disputes involving infringement of books.

Undisclosed clients:

Worked on domain name infringement and negotiation of settlement on behalf of clients.

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    Russin & Vecchi has a unique history in Vietnam. It had an office in Saigon from 1967 to 1975 and had a large commercial practice at that time. It returned to Vietnam, and in 1993 it was licensed as one of the first few foreign law firms permitted to practice in Vietnam, and it opened its current offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

    Clients include large multinationals with long experience in Vietnam. They include both Vietnamese and foreign owned firms. Some of our clients are introduced by international law firms, some are introduced by existing clients, and many learn of us by simple word of mouth or based on our experience or reputation in the market.

    There are several independent offices of Russin & Vecchi. They are in New York, USA; Taipei, Taiwan; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Bangkok, Thailand; Moscow, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. There is no shared governance.

    Heineken was the firm’s first client in 1993 and Russin & Vecchi worked with Heineken and the government with much good will involved all around, as the Government had little experience in such an investment, and all parties wanted to cooperate. The parties eventually agreed on a process that was acceptable to both Heineken and the Government. The brewery was one of Vietnam’s first foreign invested high-profile projects.

    There was an odd series of successful claims made by former Vietnamese contractors against the US Government for contractual work they did in Vietnam on US projects constructed during the war.