Lu Lam Uyen

HCMC Office

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Uyen has practiced law since 2002, focusing on competition, intellectual property, and commercial law. She joined Russin & Vecchi in 2022.

She has been a lecturer on competition law, business law and international private law at CELG UEH University since 2004.

Selected Publications

Uyen has written, presented or co-authored several articles and textbooks in both English and Vietnamese as follows:

  • Characteristics of an Anti-Competitive Agreement in Vietnam’s Competition Law,
  • Regulations On Unfair Contract Terms in Vietnam,
  • Structure of Vietnam Consumer Protection Law – A comparison with Australian Consumer Law, Journal of Legislative Study, 14 (462), July 2022.
  • When does a resale price restraint in franchising violate Vietnam’s competition law?
  • Refining the right to information in Vietnamese consumer law, Asian Journal of Comparative Law, 16(1), 61-83. doi:10.1017/asjcl.2021.13
  • Characteristics and Legal Theory of Consumer Protection in Australia, Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law (University of Houston) (Volume 23, No.3, Spring 2020)
  • Postmodernism, Buddhism and Corporate power, Law in Global Political Economy: Heterodoxy Now, Harvard Law School, June 2-3, 2018.Protection on consumers rights to information: Equilibrium or Opportunity? University of Houston, Santa Fe, New Mexico May 18-19, 2018
  • Protection of consumer’s right to information: Equilibrium or Opportunity? University of Houston, Santa Fe, New Mexico May 18-19, 2018
  • Consumer is right to Information under the Law on Consumer Protection of Vietnam, “Research and recommendations: Legal changes in Vietnam”, Melbourne Law School, August 16, 2016
  • Applicable laws and jurisdiction of competition enforcement agencies in Vietnam, Journal of Economic Development, No.287 (09/2014)
  • Consumer Protection – Is a half of a right, the right? The Saigon Marketing Newspaper, No.05 (New Volume) 2014 (12.03.2014)
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution under Court Judgements, Economic Publisher, 978-604-922-114-9
  • Competition in the television industry is not as simple as in the beverage business, Journal of Business and Law, No.37 (130) (05-10- 2013)
  • Consumer protection in the Public Service Contracts, Journal of Business and Law, No.11(117) (20-03- 2013)
  • Approaching mergers and acquisitions from the point of view of the Competition law, Journal of Business and Law, No.21(98) (5.6.2012)
  • Comparative Advertising and Business Freedom, The Saigon Times Magazine, No.26.20129 (1.123) (21.06.2012)
  • Introduction to Law, Phuong Đong Publisher, 2010

Practice Areas

  • Competition and Antitrust.
  • Corporate and Commercial.


  • Ho Chi Minh University of Law (LLB, 2001)
  • Macquarie University of Australia and Ho Chi Minh University of Law (LLM, 2006 & Ph.D, 2018)

Significant Cases

Author’s Insights

Characteristics Of An Anti-Competitive Agreement In Vietnam’s Competition Law

July 28th, 2023

An agreement which by its nature can be anti-competitive under the Competition Law 2018. That is, it is not necessary to prove anti-competitive conduct. This concept will be clearer in our discussion in the Third paragraph. The definition of anti-competitive is broad, but it is similar to the definition used by the Organization for Economic […]

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