Lu Lam Uyen

HCMC Office

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Uyen has practiced law since 2002, focusing on competition, intellectual property, and commercial law. She joined Russin & Vecchi in 2022.

She has been a lecturer on competition law, business law and international private law at CELG UEH University since 2004.

Selected Publications

Uyen has written, presented or co-authored several articles and textbooks in both English and Vietnamese as follows:

  • Characteristics of an Anti-Competitive Agreement in Vietnam’s Competition Law,
  • Regulations On Unfair Contract Terms in Vietnam,
  • Structure of Vietnam Consumer Protection Law – A comparison with Australian Consumer Law, Journal of Legislative Study, 14 (462), July 2022.
  • When does a resale price restraint in franchising violate Vietnam’s competition law?
  • Refining the right to information in Vietnamese consumer law, Asian Journal of Comparative Law, 16(1), 61-83. doi:10.1017/asjcl.2021.13
  • Characteristics and Legal Theory of Consumer Protection in Australia, Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law (University of Houston) (Volume 23, No.3, Spring 2020)
  • Postmodernism, Buddhism and Corporate power, Law in Global Political Economy: Heterodoxy Now, Harvard Law School, June 2-3, 2018.Protection on consumers rights to information: Equilibrium or Opportunity? University of Houston, Santa Fe, New Mexico May 18-19, 2018
  • Protection of consumer’s right to information: Equilibrium or Opportunity? University of Houston, Santa Fe, New Mexico May 18-19, 2018
  • Consumer is right to Information under the Law on Consumer Protection of Vietnam, “Research and recommendations: Legal changes in Vietnam”, Melbourne Law School, August 16, 2016
  • Applicable laws and jurisdiction of competition enforcement agencies in Vietnam, Journal of Economic Development, No.287 (09/2014)
  • Consumer Protection – Is a half of a right, the right? The Saigon Marketing Newspaper, No.05 (New Volume) 2014 (12.03.2014)
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution under Court Judgements, Economic Publisher, 978-604-922-114-9
  • Competition in the television industry is not as simple as in the beverage business, Journal of Business and Law, No.37 (130) (05-10- 2013)
  • Consumer protection in the Public Service Contracts, Journal of Business and Law, No.11(117) (20-03- 2013)
  • Approaching mergers and acquisitions from the point of view of the Competition law, Journal of Business and Law, No.21(98) (5.6.2012)
  • Comparative Advertising and Business Freedom, The Saigon Times Magazine, No.26.20129 (1.123) (21.06.2012)
  • Introduction to Law, Phuong Đong Publisher, 2010

Practice Areas

  • Competition and Antitrust.
  • Corporate and Commercial.


  • Ho Chi Minh University of Law (LLB, 2001)
  • Macquarie University of Australia and Ho Chi Minh University of Law (LLM, 2006 & Ph.D, 2018)

Significant Cases

Author’s Insights


Regulations On Unfair Contract Terms In Vietnam

October 13th, 2023

An unfair contract term is a provision or condition considered unjust, biased, or which favors one party (typically the party that drafted the contract) and that disadvantages the other party. The regulations on unfair contract terms are primarily governed by the Civil Code and the Law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights 2023 (“LPCR”). Neither uses […]

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